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On any given day and in any given city of the country, if you go for a run, visit a high school, shop at the mall, or simply walk down the street you are bound to see more than a few people using iPods. When iPods and other MP3 players first came onto the scene the idea of having all of your music right at your fingertips was an amazing new way to use your music library. Now, however, having your music on your iPod and having it available to you at all times is simply a way of life!

Music isn’t the only capability or use of iPods though. With ever improving cameras on all electronic devices it is no wonder that apps like Instagram and Photobooth are so widely used. Having a camera right at your fingertips all day every day makes capturing the little moments a common way of life. Social media has also adapted to the prevalence of iPods, iPhones, and other smart devices being the primary source of photos taken by making it easy to upload these photos to your social media page or wall.  A picture is only part of the memory though. Anyone who listens to music regularly knows that memories can be evoked by sounds as well as images.

With these two capabilities on the device that you have in your hands at all times, why not pair them together when you share your activities and interests with friends? When you have your camera in hand while listening to your music it just makes sense to pair the pictures you take with the music that you listened to while taking them. Here at we want to give you the capability to tag the song you were listening to while taking a photo. Our free app will make it easier for you to evoke the memories of the great moments in your life by making a sort of “real time” play list for you!

The freephotoipods app connects your camera roll and your music library. When going through photos taken with the freephotoipods app on, you will see the title and artist of the song  playing while the photo was taken in the bottom right hand corner of the photo so that you can be sure to be transported back to that memory completely! Now you’ll remember exactly what song was playing when you paused your run to take the picture of the beautiful scenery! Want to print these pictures? Don’t worry, there is a capability that will enable you to print them with or without the song title attached.

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The freephotoipods app is available here or in the app store on your smartphone or iPod.

Share the Whole Experience

The freephotoipods app can work in connection to the photo apps that you are already using! Just like you can have the song tags on or off when you are printing copies of your pictures, you can also choose whether or not to include them when uploading your photos to Instagram, Facebook, or any other social media outlet.